GNU Gas Natural

CNG Compressed Natural Gas Supply

Compressed natural gas supply for industrial purposes, with small sized equipment, that utilizes a SCADA system that allows remote monitoring of an array of operation variables, which allows the user real time visibility of their operation and consumption.

This type of service is ideal for small, medium, and big industries with high volume of fuel consumption without access to a nearby pipeline.

This scheme is also suggested for use in technified greenhouses that require processes with generation of heat atmospheres for their crops, giving the producer a scheme that is profitable and secure, even thought their consumption is stational.

CNG advantages

  • Natural gas is the lowest cost fuel in the market.
  • It generates lower maintenance spending for equipment which translates into significant savings.
  • Increases industry competitiveness.
  • 24 hours a day remote monitoring, 365 days a year (SCADA System).
  • Continuous supply.
  • Continuous supply.
  • Reduction of industrial risks.
  • Natural gas is a clean fuel compared with other traditional fuels.
  • The use of natural gas helps in having better air quality as it reduces hazardous emissions.
  • It makes international environmental compliments easier to follow.
  • It doesn’t require previous preparation for it’s use like heating up, pulverizing, or pumping.
  • The equipment and natural gas burners are easy to conserve and clean.
  • The natural gas combustion process happens instantaneously.
  • The automatic regulation is simple and precise, maintaining constant temperature flow.

Our service main features:

  • We develop integral engineering, civil work, and mechanical projects so that our clients don’t distract themselves in procedures that are not part of their main operation.
  • The project is developed according to business needs, considering the number of equipment, devices, or machinery and the pressure that is required for an efficient combustion that optimizes the consumption of the energetic.
  • Natural gas is paid after it’s been consumed; therefore, the client only pays what they effectively consume.