GNU Natural Gas Benefits

Why Natural Gas?

Industrial natural gas can be used in the manufacturing sector as fuel and/or as a consumable. Currently it’s mostly used for electricity and vapor generation.

Natural gas has the advantage of adapting through slight modifications to every application that small, medium, and large companies require in their thermal processes.

Natural gas services

We transport and supply natural gas through pipelines and with the option of also delivering it through compressed tanks for industrial purposes. We fabricate, install, and provide operation and maintenance to infrastructures aligned with international quality standards.

Our products and services:

  • Transport and supply of natural gas through an underground line.
  • Transport and supply of compressed natural gas (CNG).
  • Operation and maintenance for transport and consumption routes.
  • Operation and maintenance for Regulation and Measurement Stations.
  • Operation and maintenance of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Stations.
Our services main features are the following:
  • We build Steel carbon pipelines and/or high-density polyethylene, guaranteeing security and reliability.
  • We have a highly qualified team in the fields of administration, supervision, and project management, trained according to international norms.
  • Our equipment is optimal for the calibration of computers for transferring custody and hermeticity tests.
  • Our team supports our customers outlining the trajectory of installation following all the security norms and protecting the image of their business.